Semester I
Course Code Course Title
BA7101         Economic Analysis for Business
BA7102         Marketing Management
BA7103         Principles of Management
BA7151         Accounting for Management
BA7152         Legal Aspects of Business
BA7153         Organizational Behaviour
BA7154         Statistics for Management
BA7111          Spoken and Written communication

Semester II
Course Code Course Title
BA7201         Applied Operations Research
BA7202         Business Research Methods
BA7203         Financial Management
BA7204         Human Resource Management  
BA7205         Information Management
BA7206         Operations Management
BA7251         Strategic Management
BA7211         Data Analysis and Business Modelling

Summer Semester

Summer Project is undertaken by the students most of which are projects done along with internship taken in various companies. The main purpose is to get an exposure of the organizational culture and environment and to avail this new opportunity to find a new dimension to their career.

Summer Training - Chronological Diary needs to be maintained and submitted within the first week of the reopening date of 5th Semester. the training report along with the company certificate should be submitted.


Semester III
Course Code Course Title
BA7301        International Business Management 
BA7302        Total Quality Management 
       Elective I        Elective Paper 
        Elective II        Elective Paper
       Elective III        Elective Paper
       Elective IV        Elective Paper
       Elective V        Elective Paper
        Elective VI        Elective Paper
BA7311        Summer Training        

      Note: Chosen electives should be from two streams of management of Three electives each.

Semester IV

Project Work

Course Code Course Title
BA7411        Project work        

Elective Papers

Marketing Management
Course Code course Title
BA7001        Brand Management

    Consumer Behaviour

BA7003       Customer Relationship Management
BA7004       Direct Marketing
BA7005       Event Marketing
BA7006       Intergrated Marketing Communication
BA7007       International Marketing
BA7008       Marketing Metrics
BA7009       Retail Management
BA7010       Rural Marketing
BA7011       Services Marketing

    Social Marketing

Financial Management
Subject Code Title
BA7013       Banking Financial Services Management
BA7014       Corporate Finance
BA7015       Derivatives Management
BA7016        International Trade Finance
BA7017       Merchant Banking and Financial Services

     Mergers and Acquisitions


     Micro Finance


     Risk Management and Insurance

BA7021        Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

     Strategic Investment and Financing Decisions

Human Resource Management
Subject Code Title

      Entrepreneurship Development


      Industrial Relations & Labour Welfare


      Labour Legislations

BA7026         Managerial Behavior and Effectiveness

      Organizational Theory, Design & Development


      Social Psychology


      Strategic Human Resource Management & Development


      Stress Management

Systems Management
Subject Code Title
BA7031         Advanced Database Management System
BA7032         Cloud computing
BA7033         Datamining for Business Intelligence
BA7034         Decision Support System and Intelligent Systems
BA7035         E-Business Management
BA7036         Enterprise Resources Planning
BA7037         Knowledge Management Systems
BA7038         Soft Computing
BA7039         Software Project and Quality Management
Operations Management
Subject Code Title
BA7040         Lean Six Sigma
BA7041         Logistics Management
BA7042         Materials Management
BA7043         Process Management
BA7044         Product Design
BA7045         Project Management
BA7046         Research and Developemnt Management
BA7047         Robust Design
BA7048         Services Operations Management
BA7049         Supply Chain Management
General Management
Subject Code Title
BA7050         Advanced Data Analysis
BA7051         Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance
BA7052         Creativity and Innovation
BA7053         Management of Intellectual Property Rights
BA7054         Self awareness and Management
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