Life @ DOMS
  • “If you sweat it out in times of peace, you can save blood in times of war”
  • Life at DoMS, Anna University is one great learning curve. Here we are taught to shoulder responsibility, to constantly work hard and prepare for the greater battles ahead in the corporate world. Life here has the thrill of a roller coaster ride from late nights working on assignments, sleepless nights organizing seminars, fests and other activities. DoMS, Anna University is a place where debates and discussions are a way of life. Students discuss everything under the sun, right from the intellectual realms of philosophy and the management world to the murky space of political conspiracies and scams. The campus is always bustling with so many activities and events that there is something in it to satisfy the heterogeneous interests of its students. Group work and collaboration form the backbone of all activities on campus. Through these activities we learnt that great deeds are a result of collective contribution rather than individual heroic brilliance. By getting involved in these activities and overcoming the challenges associated with them, it serves as a great platform to grow. The weekends provide an opportunity to the students to completely unwind and stay in touch with their other interests.
  • In short life here at Anna University has been about holistic development and never before has the process of personal development been such an entertaining one!
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