1.DoMS gave me the edge in the job market. Learning the subjects under some of the great subject matter experts was a fabulous experience.

Shyam Sundar G (2005)

Sr. Business Consultant, Temenos India Pvt Ltd

2.DoMS helped me to handle problems and issues for the requirement of a manager.DoMS helped me how to look into problems and solve those problems and decision making in the corporate enviroonment  

Saravanan S (2005)

Asst. Manager – Strategic Sourcing

3.It helped me mould myself as a compllete person able to face both the successes and disappointments in equal measure. The reral value   is the brand name of CEG and the culture of the campus. I really miss CEG looking back

Sreejith M S (2009)

Sr. Executive – Process & Operations

YCH Logistics India Pvt Ltd

4.Good fundamentals in business administration and finance. The exposure to e-commerce and internet driven business models during the  1999-2001 time framework definitely helped.

Prabhu Antony (2001)

Sr. Vice President

Sett & Lucas


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