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M Sc (CS-FOSS) Online Program

Two Year M. Sc. (Computer Science – Free/Open Source Software) of Anna University Chennai is unique in many ways -

  • It is the only degree-oriented program of a leading Indian technological university focused sharply on Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) that has revolutionised the field of computing the world over. In the process of becoming a CS Professional through this program, one also acquires mastery over a wide range of products, tools, technologies and approaches thrown up by the FOSS movement that dominate the global SW/IT Industry today.
  • It is the only such program of a leading Indian technological university delivered entirely Online with its well recognised benefits of flexible interactivelearning unconstrained by geographical limitations, suited especially for working people.

  • As a member of the nationally coordinated NRCFOSS Project of the Dept. of Inf. Tech., Govt. Of India, Anna University has been pioneering introduction of FOSS in Higher Education in the country through its AU-KBC Research Centre. The M Sc (CS-FOSS) Program is built on this rich experience and expertise, with the AU-KBC Research Centre serving as its Coordinating Centre.